Starting from your idea or problem, we guide you thru the process of development of your product. A start is set by defining the target and specifications and from there on we start the design by the use of CAD, prototyping, simulation and other tools until the product is ready for manufacturing and assembly.



Starting from the specifications for your application we help you define your product for materials, components, tolerances up to legislation requirements. The resulting concepts are created in 3D by the aid of CAD and are used to iterate the product until it is ready to go to manufacturing and DFM.



Once a product concept is final, we start the design for manufacturing. During DFM we apply our knowledge to detail your product for tolerances, feasibility in production, assembly and other aspects. By the use of our interactive 3D environment, you can collaborate with us during this process and see all the changes needed.



During the development, prototypes are often needed to test and verify the product. We can provide milled, injection moulded and 3D printed prototypes. Next to prototypes we provide other testing equipment needed for verification with prototypes.

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